When it comes to your business, BBB® knows that the holidays are a great opportunity to spotlight your products and services and build consumer confidence.  We also know that this season can be hectic for you as you form a plan for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Bedlam. 

BBB® wants to be a partner to your business and help you create a strong game plan to finish out the final quarter of the year. Below are some tips you can utilize to elevate your business this season.

Partner with other local businesses

Whether your business is a brick and mortar retail store or a commercial heat and air company, the holidays bring all businesses the opportunity to tell consumers what they have to offer. 

Consider partnering with other local businesses during the holidays. Your business could partner on a social media campaign or display signage at neighboring stores. Both options give each business the opportunity to reach a wider audience and build community engagement. 

Check out this link to an article by Forbes on why building strategic business partnerships can help your business. 

Get involved with your community

Don’t be afraid to change up your marketing, during this season, to celebrate Bedlam, Small Business Saturday and holidays. This is the perfect time get involved with your community and build consumer confidence.

Try setting up a tv on game-day to encourage customers to watch and shop. Since Small Business Saturday and Bedlam fall on the same day in 2019, capitalize on this occasion and highlight both to reach a wider audience. You can decorate for the game and offer tailgating treats to customers or offer a sports ticket giveaway to encourage your local community to visit your store.

Create a community calendar

As you begin to form relationships with local businesses and your surrounding community, think about creating a community calendar to highlight different things you and your neighbors are doing to celebrate this season.  

You can also check out local community calendars like Chambers of Commerce, district offices and various digital calendars to get a better idea of when to plan events for your business and when to partner with others throughout the year, instead of just the holidays. 

For more information on building community calendars and digital tools, follow this link to an article by Business News Daily to help you start. 

The holidays are a great time to establish relationships as you head into 2020. Networking and connections are huge in the business community, so work on establishing comradery with others and help each other succeed. 

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