BBB® has been prepping you with ideas on how to tackle your fourth quarter and make the most of the holiday season. As we are headed toward the end of a decade, it’s time to start prepping for the new year and we’re here to help provide you with tools along the way.

As your business is finalizing plans for the last few days until Christmas, keep in mind some of the tips below.

Check your tech

As you set sights on the new year, take time to review all your technology, software and point of purchase systems. Take this opportunity to look at all programs or software you currently subscribe to or pay for monthly and cut out those you don’t need before the start of the new year.

Now that you know your tech is running at full speed, make sure your team or colleagues are set up for success by holding internal meetings to explain updates and offer training. Internal communication is crucial in the success of your business.

Don’t shy away from creating an internal meeting schedule to talk about more than just technology and software. Encourage your team to prepare for meetings and offer an agenda with next-step items to make sure your internal goals are accomplished.

Create a campaign

Take an hour, or two, from your day to create a social media campaign that highlights different sales and events you have going on through the holidays. Campaigns don’t have to run for extended periods of time. Choose an idea and create a few different posts that go along with that theme.

Consider creating a post about an in-store giveaway, promo code or coupon so that consumers are encouraged to visit your business. Be sure to include dates and your location(s) to avoid confusing your audience.

Another option is to center your campaign around your staff or community partners. Don’t shy away from posting about your team celebrating the season. Highlighting your business online goes beyond posting about your products and services, and spotlighting your staff can be a great opportunity to give them a shout out.

Offer special discounts

Engagement is huge on social media. Your business can capitalize on the holidays by providing incentives for your consumers to like and engage with you digitally.

Think about offering a small discount to customers who like your Facebook page or leave an online review. You can bring those likes offline by inviting them to visit your store or run a special sale that is only for a limited time.

There are rules around what you can and cannot promote so do your research and make sure you’re promoting your sales ethically. Click the link, to learn more about BBB’s Code of Advertising.

For additional tips about making your business better and prepping for the final days of the season, be sure to follow BBB® on social media, @BBBCentralOK and visit is chalked full of content and downloadable resources for your business. As we enter the new year, look for updates on our social media about how BBB® can be a partner to your business in the future.